Our joint supplement

In our breed, hips and elbows dysplasia is one of the biggest health issue with immune related deficiency problems not far behind.

I have been using PREVENTION PLUS (TM) for many years now and have been very pleased with the results that I am seeing. Due to the long lasting success I had with this supplement I have made PREVENTION PLUS (TM) a requirement in my Puppy Sales Contract so clients must keep their pups on it for the first 2 years of their lives, minimum.  The dogs that I have personally raised on PREVENTION PLUS (TM) are strong and healthy, and that ultimately is the true measure of an excellent product. Thus, PREVENTION PLUS (TM) has enabled Mar E Sol to produce more OFA Excellent Cane Corsos than any other breeders.

Small $42.00
Small Container will supply:
up to 6 months ...small breed
3 months...medium breed
1-2 months... equine
shipping USA
priority mail  

Large $78.00
double the size of the small 

shipping USA
priority mail  

10 Small or 5 Large $260.00

shipping USA
priority mail  

International Shipping -

Canadian shipping $20.00  for one large or one small container. Shipping for 5 Large or 10 Small is $40.00
For all other countries please check with your countries customs to make sure importing pet supplements are allowed then email us for shipping prices.

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